Mystic Art

by Shima Sadra

Representing spiritual modern art

Welcome to my studio where I share my journey as a visual artist with you. Dive into my portfolio, see my past exhibitions, and read the stories behind each artwork. If they resonate with you, you can have a piece of my expression in your personal space.
My style of

Approach & Artworks

I think a lot about life, what it means to exist, and the journey we go through inside ourselves. It's the most important thing to me. I wonder about what people should do in their everyday lives and where they should go. These thoughts led me to explore where I come from and who I am deep down. I believe the best way to understand life is by looking within ourselves and discovering our inner selves.
I've looked into Eastern mysticism, the elements of nature, spiritual states, how people think, ancient symbols, and monism. I express my views on canvas using specific shapes and colors. Each time I focus on a particular idea, I try to bring the images in my mind to life. So, next to my paintings, there are some explanations, descriptions or poems which describes my impression and perception about that painting and the concept.
Look at the SkySuch a Passion, Such a DanceThe Moment of Love, the Moment of EternityWhat Better than LoveDiscernmentGo through the FireHappinessLifePassingThe Orange WingsPerceptionTo FlyBloomingPhoenixThe First Word of CosmogonyDhikrThe Sound of UniverseFive ElementsAhimsaSolitudeThe FlameProcreationFlightTulip's BloomingRebirthLove PhenomenonChittaInspirationAwarenessIn the Absence of YouMithraEcstaticAntithesisBeholdDiscernmentEffusiveLevitationThe MentorMirrorOnenessPerceptionThe Circle of LifeTransitionUlterior

About the artist, Shima Sadra:

Born in Tehran, Iran - lives and works in The Netherlands,


BA in Painting from University of Tehran (Faculty of Fine Arts)

  • Group Exhibition - Shalman Art Gallery, Tehran 2019

  • Group Exhibition - Matigan Art Gallery, Berlin 2018

  • Group Exhibition - Idea Gallery, Tehran 2018

  • Solo Exhibition - Niavaran Cultural Center, 2017

  • Solo Exhibition - Tondinelli Art Gallery, Rome, Italy 2013

  • Solo Exhibition - Henna Art Gallery, Tehran, 2013

  • Group Exhibition - Exhibition of Interior Designers, Tehran 2010

  • Solo Exhibition - Ebnesina Art Gallery, Tehran 2007

  • Group Exhibition - International Fine Art Exhibition, Tehran 2000

  • Solo Exhibition - Zarabi Art Gallery, Tehran 1999


Worked as a Graphic designer and Art Director in Dibagaran Tehran Publishing Company.